Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 8, 2010 Magnificent Obsession

OK, I know I'm not the only one in the world in love with her.

I'm not ashamed to confess it. I love everything about her, and I'll say it out loud ..

"I love you, Venice." There, that feels better, getting that off my chest.

When I was last in Venice, I sent postcards to some friends. Then I realised I'd like some for myself. So, I bought some, and mailed them home to myself. Nice souvenir, the cards and stamps!

(159 days.)


  1. what a lovely idea. I tried to read what you wrote to yourself. Was it Having a good time Glad you are here...? I will have to remember to do something like that the next time I'm there....

  2. Just click on the photo to get a larger image. The Carnevale one was from Barb.

  3. I did that too last year and kept the card in my watercolor journal, which I brought with me this year. I read it to Pierre, Isa, and Bert when we met. This is what I wrote: "Hi from me here to me at home. Keep this peaceful scene in mind, hidden from all the hustle and noise. [It was of a lovely, quiet bridge and canal.] Remember the happy times here, finding my way and feeling so happy that first boat ride at night. Remember to be kind and open and share excitement, like in the Peggy Guggenheim garden with the concave sculpture. The afternoon gelato treat and lots of walking. How can I sit at a computer all day? Get out and walk!"

  4. Jude, what a neat message for you to read when you got home.

    I've just read about your walking marathon, you deserve another gelato!