Monday, October 4, 2010

October 5, 2010 Calling all knit wits!

I love knitting, which isn’t the best of crafts in which to indulge, when it’s hot and humid!
But, show me some different coloured knitting wool, and my knitting fingers start to twitch.Knit,purl, drop a stitch.  Oops!

Right now, I’m hooked on knitting socks, which involves using 4 double pointed needles, and learning how to turn the heel, and do a Kitchener graft at the toe. With the latter, the instructions I follow tell me to: turn off the phone, do not  answer the door, and PAY ATTENTION!!  I found out the hard way why these rules are not made to be broken.

Here’s the start of a pair of socks for my son.


  1. I tried knitting socks but they keep coming out baggy. I love the beautiful selections in sock yarns. So I decided I stick with scarves...btw have you tried knitting socks with circular needles yet?

  2. No, I've got this vast assortment of double ended needles to use. I reckon I'll take some needles and patterns to Venice next year, I saw lots of shops with petty wool. Too bad we're not closer, I could coach you in sock knitting.

  3. Ahh Yvonne,
    I still have your lovely socks that you have knitted for me..
    They are beautiful xxx

  4. Hi, Kat and welcome to the wacky world of blogdom! :)