Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November2, 2010 All Souls Day

There is a Mexican saying that we die three deaths: the first when our bodies die, the second when our bodies are lowered into the earth out of sight, and the third when our loved ones forget us. Catholics forestall this last death by seeing the faithful dead as members of the Church, and by praying for them, and asking their prayers for us.

All Souls Day is a day of remembrance for friends and loved ones who have passed away. This comes from the ancient Pagan Festival of the Dead, which celebrated the Pagan belief that the souls of the dead would return for a meal with the family. Candles in the window would guide the souls back home, and another place was set at the table.

In honour of this day, I visited the cemeteries in town, and want to share some of the images I captured.
The memorials ranged from very simple:

To elaborate:

To poignant:

There is a Pioneer Cemetery, just a short distance out of town. It was used from 1897 to 1927. What is striking is the relatively young age at death of many of the people buried there, the result of accidents or infectious diseases.

This marked the grave of a 5 year old girl.
I liked the pudgy knees.
A close up of the detailed marble work.

Finally, here are some pieces of artistry to catch your eye:

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