Monday, November 8, 2010

November 10, 2010 My little friend

The other day, as I was pulling up the blinds in the living room, I noticed I had a wee visitor. It was sitting very quietly on the vertical surface of one of the casement window frames. If I had closed that window, he would have been one very squashed visitor.

A casement window is hinged at the sides, and mine swing out from a middle opening, something like this:

This is what my casements look like, when closed.

Today, I wanted to put on the airconditioner for awhile, so I had to close those windows. That meant I had to move the wee fellow. So, I put on a disposable glove, moistened it with some water, and transferred him (?) to a safer spot outside. 

Here he is: 

He's not quite 5 cm (2 inches) long. I'm not sure of the exact species .. one of the tree frog family, probably.


  1. He (or she) is gorgeous, Yvonne! Great photo too. Well spotted!

  2. He/she looks like a plastic toy frog attached to the wall; hasn't moved, as far as I know, since I first saw it a few days ago.

  3. You have a really nice guest. I like this small frog. It seems he/she likes to sleep a lot, yet!

  4. Fausto, he was so tiny and cute!


  5. Oh ! So cute ! We don't have such frogs here in France ! I would like so !!!

  6. Do you know ? there is an aqua alta in venezia to-day !
    here is the link you may don't kinow :!

  7. From Venice I wish you a Merry Christmas!